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The space shuttle, television, computers and the internet… some of the inventions that have shaped our
world, and continue to grow our society at a fantastical speed. In fact it’s often been said that we have
accomplished more in the past century then in all of history, combined!

In the same way, the discovery of growth hormone, anabolic steroids, Creatine, Ephedrine and cutting-edge
proteins, to name a few, have shaped the world of bodybuilding in ways no one could have imagined. There
is no denying that these agents can do for the diligent bodybuilder in months, what previously took years.
Think about it. Could our beloved Arnold, in 1970’s Olympia champion form, command that stage now?
Probably not. More likely he would be fighting for his life at one of the better amateur competitions.

The use of these growth agents have very quickly turned us into big, bad boys and girls, hungry for the
next miracle that science can offer. Well get ready, because that time may be right now.

Brian Batcheldor is one of the world’s experts on steroids and their applications for athletes. He has taken
his knowledge of biology, chemistry and real world results, and introduced many powerful supplements
into bodybuilding. His research into non-hormonal anabolic supplements such as Tribulis Terrestis,
Chrysin and Methoxyflavone has changed the face of how we look at gaining muscle.

Brian has worked with many of the top Sports Nutrition manufacturers, and his skill has made him the
secret weapon of top pro bodybuilders. Perhaps you’re familiar with Brain from his many popular articles
on steroids, nutrition and training. Although grounded in the fundamentals of clinical research, Brian is no
chemistry geek sitting around test tubes all day waiting for explosions. He has trained some of the best
powerlifters in the world; those huge monsters that lift railroad cars and pull tractor-trailers. Brain has
been a bodybuilder and powerlifter himself since age 14, owns his own gym in England and won’t allow
anyone with less than 20” guns thru the door. Translation: If you want to grow, Brian’s your guy!!

For the past year Brian has been working with a new compound called Humanofort. While unknown to most
of us here, Humanofort has been the focus of intensive scientific study and clinical trials in Romania, where
it is now registered as a drug. These studies have proven the amazing benefits of this natural compound
containing standardized chicken embryo extract. By stimulating the adrenal glands, Humanofort helps the body to
secrete natural steroids, including hormones that increase muscle gain and fat loss, reduce stress leading to
muscle breakdown and slower recovery, increase vitality, act as a strong antioxidant, and help the body to
maintain healthy skin, bone and muscle tissue.

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