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Mexicana - Kit De Cultivo De Setas Mágicas

Mexicana - Kit De Cultivo De Setas Mágicas
Growkit - 1200cc
Precio € 49,95
XL Growkit - 2100cc
Precio € 69,95
XL Growkit + Heating Mat + FREE Hygrometer
usual: € 104,95
Precio € 84,95
PROMO: 2 Growkits + 1 Growkit FREE (3 x 1200cc)
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Precio € 94,95
La Mexicana es fácil de cultivar y probablemente la cepa más popular y famosa de la psilocibina cubensis. Este hongo mágico fue utilizado en rituales sagrados por tribus de Sudamérica, y la primera cepa en ser reconocida por contener sustancias que alteran la mente, identificada más tarde como psilocibina y psilocina por el famoso Albert Hofmann.

Con una alta tasa de colonización, mayor que la mayoría de los cubensis, los kits de cultivo mexicanos producen grandes hongos que pueden llegar a medir hasta 19 cm. Estas maravillas de la naturaleza liberarán su mente a un nuevo y asombroso mundo.


El viaje puede ser espiritual, y para algunos, profundo y emocional. Los hongos mágicos producen efectos que pueden incluir una profunda conexión con la naturaleza, apreciación repentina o alegría por la vida, visuales a ojos abiertos y cerrados, mejora del color, estimulación sensorial, aumento del sentido del humor con ataques de risa, mejora creativa y cognitiva, apreciación de la música, aceleración del pensamiento.

Recordatorio: los efectos son usualmente mejorados cuando se experimentan con un humor positivo, buena música y un ambiente confortable.


El viaje en general puede durar de 5 a 8 horas, y los usuarios inexpertos deben comenzar con una dosis pequeña y aumentarla sólo después de esperar una hora para evaluar su condición.

Cosecha promedio
Estándar (1200cc): 400 - 500 gramos
XL (2100cc): 900 - 1000 gramos
*Los Grownkits pueden producir múltiples descargas de hongos con el cuidado adecuado!


Dispositivos de calefacción: para obtener los mejores resultados, por favor, evite el contacto directo entre la superficie de calefacción y el growkit. Si no puede crear espacio, use un pedazo de cartón o una toalla doblada.

Información del producto
Cepa de silocibina: Psilocybe Mexicana
Dificultad de cultivo: Fácil
Fuerza: Moderado
Tiempo de colonización: 10 - 14 días
Temperatura de colonización: 28º - 30º Celsius
Tiempo de fructificación: 14 - 21 días
Temperatura de fructificación: 18º - 27º Celsius


Contenido del kit de cultivo de hongos mágicos:
- Sustrato de cultivo con 100% de micelio activo
- Bolsa de cultivo de hongos con filtro, para crear un microclima
- Clip(s) para cerrar el saco de cultivo

RECUERDO:Por favor, no ordene más de 2 growkits a la vez para garantizar la entrega.
No enviamos este producto a los siguientes paÍses:
Germany , Norway , Sweden , Switzerland , United Kingdom

Comentarios MEXICANA - Kit de Cultivo de Setas Mágicas Comparte tu experiencia


Wery good and laugty stuff :) grows fast and a lot :)
Shanaya 100% respect.


Third time I've grown these, this time putting trying them on a external hard-drive which was too hot. After three weeks I just put them on the table in indirect sunlight and they grow fine - point being they are quite sturdy. If you don't treat them perfectly you wont get massive yields but I've still got good value for money.

Potency wise, went to the cinema last night and shared 6 boiled up in Orange cordial, 30-45 minutes come up, 2.5 hrs peak and then a really nice coming back down to earth in the pub over the next 2.5hrs. Stronger than expected, film was hugely engrossing and am glad I didn't have to talk to anyone for that time, but could have. The Mexicans, as others have qualified, are mellow fun rather than chaotic or confusing. Very suitable to being out in nature, as all shrooms are, but were great for an evening cinema trip in public. No residual effect the following day and physically feel lose and relaxed.

Shayana, It's been a couple years I'm using your sevices, and I gotta say, you just rock.
You've been delivering me my favourite mushs all around the planet in a record time everytime, respect.

Thanks and see you soon


Wonderful product, easy to manage, very good yield even at first attempt, best Mexican around by far.Thanks so much.

It has taken 5 to 10 days to start growing then it just went on like madness XD. So easy to grow even a 5 years old child coulld do it and it makes so much mushroom it is just perfect. Thanks Shayana to your beautifull, colorfull, wonderfull, greatfull, big fat daddy mushroom! ^^



Got this product last year but I'm only reviewing now.

I did not follow the instructions properly so I only got 120g from it.
What did come out was awesome to take.

When you buy this product please make sure to follow the instructions carefully and you will not be disappointed.

Rock !


Quand on choisis mexican on sait que notre omelette au 3 fromages sera au top !
package rapidité qualité,good job !

I am a rather experienced shroom user and this was my first time growing them which was pretty damn easy. The problems were when it came to ingesting them. They were by far the worst tasting and most nauseating of all the shrooms i've ever tried. That's not to say they weren't incredibly potent. The only way to cut down on the nausea and disgusting taste was to make a tea out of them and add lots of sugar. I'm starting to wonder if I did something wrong while growing them which is why they turned out so bad. Oh well, maybe I just need to grow a different strain next time or practice more sanitary conditions.


like in the past, even working sterile it just burstet out of rotting.... no grow at all, disappointed

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