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Trippy Truffle Pack

Trippy Truffle Pack
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trippy_truffle_pack_01.jpg Trippy Truffle Pack
Por demanda popular, Shayana ha juntado 3 de sus cepas Magic Truffle más potentes y famosas, en un increíble Paquete Trippy Truffle ¡con un descuento especial!

Atlantis (15g)
Dragon’s Dynamite (15g)
High Hawaiians (15g)


Viaje ligero
Viaje medio
Gran Viaje
7,5-10 gr
10-15 gr
15-20 gr


Estas trufas golpean en unos 30 minutos y te envían al interior de tu experiencia. Espera que sea mágico durante 4-6 horas.


Ingerirlos con el estómago vacío. Crudos o en infusión de té (al menos 15 min. de cocción)Para un mejor efecto, se recomienda no comer nada de 4 a 6 horas antes. ALMACENAJE: Las trufas frescas deben guardarse en la nevera y pueden durar hasta un mes. Si quieres conservarlos más tiempo, tienes que secarlos. Después de secar las trufas, puede conservarlas hasta 6 meses, en una caja/bolsa cerrada y en un lugar fresco y seco.


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I received 9 days..excellent shayana 10/10
i didnt eat yet..when i eat,i'll share my experience for you guys..




My good fellows, tips hat.




Atlantis, very soft, it was the first time I ever used truffles or shrooms and it was sick, took 10g and my friend 10g we saw Borat, and it was hilarious, we felt very happy and visuals were good but not very intense.

Dragon Dynamite
I took the whole pack myself, I was gone, very very intense trip, mental and visual allucinations were crazy, I was laying in my bed and everything started to move, the objects started to be alive like I was looking them and I was thinking if they were mad or happy, very nice haha

High Hawaiians
I took the 10g and my friend 10g, the music was very good, visuals were very intense, I didnt felt very well I had a little bad trip but my friend really enjoyed it,

By the way, every time I did smoke weed, it enhances the effects


I microdosed against depressions and it worked. It was activating and cheering me up for a couple of weeks. I'll do it again.


Ma fois pas mécontent! Un bon état d'esprit général, je crois que le plus puissant est le High Hawain, qui m'a donné de bonnes visus. Si habitué, n'hésitez pas à manger un sachet entier directement. Le goût est un peu sucré et amer, pas forcément un régal mais on s'y fait...


Very nice truffles. Some more potent than others, which was quite confusing. We were a group of 4 people sharing it all, and we all had different experiences. Some didn't feel anything at all, while some travelled to another dimension. I ate 20g and had awesome visions and an everlasting feeling of euphoria. One of my buddies ate 15g and tripped far more than me, completely amazed by everything. For me, the atlantis are the most potent ones. High hawaiians didn't have much effect at all, even though one of my friends ate 15g.

Would still recommend buying these. Really good for sharing with a couple of trustworthy friends.

- Happy customer


Great fun from these packs. Opened one an didn use it all an it dried out. Thought it would still be as potent but was not. Lesson learned... Only 4 days away, brilliant!!


Really great value and the contents was amazing, tasted so nutty and fruity and the visuals were very intense, shayanshop offered me a compensation for a missing package and had great communication.


The truffle triple came very fast and everything is nice. Better price for 3 truffles and a nice mix too!


Just arrived today!! So exited to try theese. Took 2 week to arrive which is great.
Thanks Shayana!!!