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B Plus Growkit – Xs

ATTENTION:No ordenes más de 2 kits de cultivo XS para asegurar una mejor entrega de tu paquete!

¡Ahora es más fácil que nunca cultivar setas en cualquier lado! Este kit de cultivo camuflado, extra pequeño, viene con sustrato colonizado con la singular cepa B+ (sé positivo) psilocybe cubensis, una Super Seta conocida por su versatilidad, tamaño y fuerza.
Cada uno de los kits de cultivo todo en uno de Shayana contienen todo lo que necesitas para cultivar tus propias setas sin ningún conocimiento adicional ni equipo especial. Sólo sigue unos pocos pasos fáciles y estarás cosechando tu primer brote de setas en unas pocas semanas.


La cosecha es aproximadamente de 50 gramos en 2 a 3 semanas.
Posibilidad de "flushes" múltiples.


Nota: para obtener resultados óptimos al utilizar un dispositivo de calentamiento, evite el contacto directo entre la superficie de calentamiento y el kit de cultivo. Si no puede crear espacio, use un pedazo de cartón o una toalla doblada.
ALMACENAJE: Todos los kits han sido inoculados con el micelio de Psilocybe Cubensis y el sustrato ha comenzado a ser colonizado. La situación óptima es que el kit se ponga en marcha inmediatamente después de recibirlo. Sin embargo, si realmente necesitas esperar algunos días, puedes guardar el kit en la nevera durante un máximo de 1 mes. Después de ese período de tiempo, el crecimiento puede verse comprometido.
No enviamos este producto a los siguientes paÍses:
Germany , Norway , Switzerland , United Kingdom

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Cultivating these beauties was quite easy, eventhough it was my first time. The quide found on this website is all you need and the support if needed is awesome. After listening to some of Terence McKenna's lectures I decided it was of major importance for me to experience this myself. I took around 3 dried gramms, mixed with orange juice and lit up some candles, opened up two tabs with movies (just in case) and listened to Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon. The tingling sensation in my belly after 30 minutes made it clear that this trip would be a huge one. Try to fast for 4-6 hours before you take them, do sports, eat something light (fruits, vegetables), remove all possible interruptions (telefon ect.). I could not posibly describe with words what happened then. I've wittnesed incredible beauty, had no sense of my body or anything, I was everything. No boundries seperated me from my room, there was no time and I understood how life itself is merely an illusion for us to experience. I went completely mad for 2 hours and when I came back it was the most intense feeling of happiness and awe I had ever experienced. Speak out the intend to learn and to grow, the mushroom will do the rest, just trust and have courage.


yeh noticed no reviews yet thought i'd post one, while im trying them.
it took only a few weeks and 5 days to harvest when mushrooms started growing.
didnt think and just ate the first flush with coffees, been listning to music has a nice high and probably underestimated its strengh a little. thnx

It took about two weeks to cultivate these bois.
The first week there wasn't much to see, but around the second week they shooted out of the substrate like insanity. I handled them very gently and made sure to sanitize my hands every time I watered them because you want a sterile environment. Following these simple rules I had several flushes with this little kit and it made enough for one intense trip.
We (a friend, my gf and me) chose a remote place within a big park where I should take about a gram and half of them dried shrooms.
It was like my psyche was thrown into a washing machine. (Yes this IS the best metaphor to describe it! :D) Every human emotion was accelerated up to a level where I went from laughing like a lunatic to crying like a baby and back again in a matter of seconds. As you can guess I also went through some very personal stuff which can be challenging. I also became very angry at one point for no apparent reason, so I screamed it out into the night until I was good again. I can say that I reached a deep level of insight during this trip. I even came to am point where I entered a satori-like state where I was feeling a not unpleasant indifference to the world. When everything was over I felt cleansed and purified from all that crap people weigh themselves down. If you zero in on a very awesome experience you should consider this as a first choice!

ps.: My GF went through her period during the time i harvested the first flush. And because I read it somewhere (maybe on THIS site, idk) I gave er two big shrooms to eat which equals a microdose. Guess what: After half an hour her abdominal pain was completely gone!
So to all ladies who suffer the same conditions: go geddit!

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