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Winter Mushroom Growkit Package Medium

El Pack perfecto para cultivar tus propios hongos mágicos en un entorno con temperaturas más frías; podrás mantener tus hongos a una temperatura ideal y estable de 24º Celsius. Con este pack recibirás 2 Kits de Crecimiento Medianos Todo-en-Uno más nuestra almohadilla de calor Mushroom para dar a tus hongos las condiciones óptimas de cultivo, y sin que se disparen los costes de calefacción.

2 x Mexican All in one Growkit - Medium
1 x Mushroom Heating Mat
2 x Golden Teacher All in one Growkit - Medium
1 x Mushroom Heating Mat


Harvest on average 400 grams each box within 2-3 weeks
Multiple flushes possible
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Germany , Norway , Switzerland , United Kingdom

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I just wanted to show my contempt for the US Goverment and their satanic lifestyle that they apparently enjoy thoroughly. My FATHER in heaven wants to talk to them! Michael W. Black Child of GOD and Christ....Amen


Thanks BEST delivery, realy thankful for that fast delivery, now I need to wait to see how good the product be :))

great ! i use a big box with led-lightning and a small fog machine ;) after 6 days only the first pinheads and 5 days later 35 grams dried shroomz. thx...great fun to see them growing and more fun see me and my friends laughing ;)

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