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Ecuatoriana Kit De Cultivo - Mediano

La Caja de Crecimiento ecuatoriana todo en uno es la nueva adquisición a nuestra más que popular categoría de cultivo de setas. El Hongo Psilocybe cubensis “Ecuador” está entre uno de las cepas más fáciles de cultivar. Aunque coloniza sustratos a una velocidad media, forma flushes muy abundantes y uniformes. Esta cepa no se beneficia del shock de frío.


Cosecha media de 400 gramos entre 2-3 semanas
Posibilidad de flushes múltiples
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Great product, took 2-3 days delivery with tracking

Decided only to do 1 flush as this is plentyful for myself (120grams wet)
would've been more but i never punched holes in the substrate with a fork as instructed, however lesson learned.

I misted the bag once a day for one week then before the first pins came through i started fanning 3 times a day and misting once every 1-2 days. First pins came through exactly seven days after delivery then harvested seven days after that.

Trip was very nice and visual lots of colours with light audio all with a beautiful feeling of openness and still in touch with reality enough to conversate and have a great time.

These shroomys i though were very potent and overall i was very impressed with the product about 1 gram dry got me where i wanted to be however if you are trying for the first time i would recommend 0.5 gram after 1 or 2 beers.

Thank you shanaya team i will definitley look to buy these again in the future....happy trippin



the equadorian strain is amazing!!
grow very well and the trip is clean and intense! very spiritual with loads of visual!
i always grow this bad ass mushrooms!


fantastic kit, widely spread crop with huge mushrooms, one shroom weighed 60g (wet) if you are a lover of shrooms i recommend this kit for you. You can't put a price on spiritual experience making these kits great value for money.


Everything very nice, just ordered the second time a few grow boxes.. The Equadorians grow a bit slower than the Teachers e.x., but the effect is perfect! I`ve experienced really really strong trips with these! The shrooms are very big, especially compared to the Teachers (wich are pretty small).. First Box braught me 6 Flushes, I`d guess around 500gr fresh weight.. After making the box ready (floating it etc.) took 9 days for the first pinheads to come, after that every 4-7 days another flush..


Worked greeeaaaat! :D

These are pretty mild in comparison to the Golden Teachers I got the last time, but they are a very nice experience.