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Mexicano Kit De Cultivo - Pequeño

Es uno de los kits de crecimiento disponibles más fáciles de utilizar. Este Pequeño
Kit de Crecimiento Mexicano todo-en-uno, te ayudará a cultivar tus propias Setas Mágicas sin extra conocimiento o equipamiento especial.
El set de crecimiento viene con sustrato colonizado con las famosas setas mexicanas, una de las Setas Mágicas más populares alrededor del mundo. Las Setas crecerán en abundancia y podrás recolectar hasta 80-120 gramos si les das el cuidado adecuado.


Cosecha media de 100 gramos entre 2-3 semanas
Posibilidad de flushes múltiples
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Comentarios Mexicano Kit de Cultivo - Pequeño Comenta este producto



Relatively happy just struggled with the first flush only 1 full size rest were about half as big expecting second flush to be better. Great product tho. the Mrs. loved it haha


ha ha well worth it this small kit packs a punch enough for a small party to get everyone astro traveling around the room in mystical colours


About 3 years ago I growed these mushrooms and I got like 10 flushes. From flush to flush the number decreased but the shrooms' size grew. After the 10th flush I had only one huge mushroom left but it was about 10 times stronger than the first ones. I really enjoyed growing. You should try for yourself! :)


after 2 flush, nothing gro anymore :/ i wait to get more that 2 flush in xll grow pack.. admittedly a little disappointing, so a little something for the compensation, however, said that the useammankin times must yield when only twice. :( where I can ask something to get me happy again..? ;)


Super fast shipment now we will wait till they will grow and write a new comment how much we will get and how grate was trip