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Mexican Growkit - Small

ATTENTION:No ordenes más de 2 Small growkits para asegurar una mejor entrega de tu paquete!

Es uno de los kits de crecimiento disponibles más fáciles de utilizar. Este Pequeño
Kit de Crecimiento Mexicano todo-en-uno, te ayudará a cultivar tus propias Setas Mágicas sin extra conocimiento o equipamiento especial.
El set de crecimiento viene con sustrato colonizado con las famosas setas mexicanas, una de las Setas Mágicas más populares alrededor del mundo. Las Setas crecerán en abundancia y podrás recolectar hasta 80-120 gramos si les das el cuidado adecuado.


Cosecha media de 100 gramos entre 2-3 semanas
Posibilidad de flushes múltiples


Nota: para obtener resultados óptimos al utilizar un dispositivo de calentamiento, evite el contacto directo entre la superficie de calentamiento y el kit de cultivo. Si no puede crear espacio, use un pedazo de cartón o una toalla doblada.
ALMACENAJE: Todos los kits han sido inoculados con el micelio de Psilocybe Cubensis y el sustrato ha comenzado a ser colonizado. La situación óptima es que el kit se ponga en marcha inmediatamente después de recibirlo. Sin embargo, si realmente necesitas esperar algunos días, puedes guardar el kit en la nevera durante un máximo de 1 mes. Después de ese período de tiempo, el crecimiento puede verse comprometido.
No enviamos este producto a los siguientes paÍses:
Germany , Norway , Switzerland , United Kingdom

Comentarios Mexican Growkit - Small Comparte tu experiencia


Relatively happy just struggled with the first flush only 1 full size rest were about half as big expecting second flush to be better. Great product tho. the Mrs. loved it haha


ha ha well worth it this small kit packs a punch enough for a small party to get everyone astro traveling around the room in mystical colours

after 2 flush, nothing gro anymore :/ i wait to get more that 2 flush in xll grow pack.. admittedly a little disappointing, so a little something for the compensation, however, said that the useammankin times must yield when only twice. :( where I can ask something to get me happy again..? ;)


About 3 years ago I growed these mushrooms and I got like 10 flushes. From flush to flush the number decreased but the shrooms' size grew. After the 10th flush I had only one huge mushroom left but it was about 10 times stronger than the first ones. I really enjoyed growing. You should try for yourself! :)

Hey, i gained around 8-9 grams of dried and very potent mushrooms. 1 gram was enough to feel very shroom-ish if you know what i mean. I had to go through 5 flushes to get the amount stated above. so it took quite a while, but it´s definitely worth buying and i recommend it!


I harvested 80g, fresh, euphoric, deep mushrooms. Its not 100g only because first 2 flushes I didnt keep 24 degrees all the time (I was using big pot of warmer than luke warm water and keeping them in there, changing when cold). I recommend (and shayana should have it, but I dont think they do) heating mat. It could be the one for reptiles (it has 33°C if u put 2xfolded t-shirt on top, it will go down to 24). U can keep it on 24/7, it doesnt consume much energy and the difference is HUGE! Next time Im buying bugger box to share with my friendz. SUPER PRODUCT! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 3g dried is very intensive. 2.5 recommended for the first time (still intensive) If fresh, 3g dried=25-28g fresh.

Great shipping, extremely easy to grow, large amounts; more than expected!! great product!!! :D :D


Super fast shipment now we will wait till they will grow and write a new comment how much we will get and how grate was trip

I love them very much, Im looking forward to other types!!!


not a bad little product if gorilla growing or space are a issue,got 4 flushes got about ten of us wreked,as I Epsom salt dry them all until the last flush is dried then have a crazy mental ass night.awsum thanks again another awsum product.

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