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Thai - Kit De Cultivo De Setas Mágicas

El kit de champiñones mágicos tailandeses le dará un gran rendimiento de champiñones de tamaño medio y de tallo grueso. Los sombreros de los Cubensis tailandeses pueden ser redondos a planos con un color marrón amarillo claro a marrón casi anaranjado. Esta potente cepa de psilocybe cubensis le llevará a las islas de Tailandia y disfrutará del sol y la arena sin salir de su habitación.


Los hongos mágicos psilocibina producen efectos que pueden incluir una profunda conexión con la naturaleza, apreciación repentina o alegría por la vida, visuales a ojos abiertos y cerrados, mejora del color, estimulación sensorial, aumento del sentido del humor con ataques de risa, mejora creativa y cognitiva, apreciación de la música, aceleración del pensamiento.

Recordatorio: los efectos son usualmente mejorados cuando se experimentan con un humor positivo, buena música y un ambiente confortable.


Promedio de la cosecha:
Estándar (1200cc): 400 - 500 gramos
XL (2100cc): 900 - 1000 gramos
*Los growkits pueden producir múltiples lavados de hongos con el cuidado adecuado


Dispositivos de calefacción: para obtener los mejores resultados, por favor, evita el contacto directo entre la superficie de calefacción y el growkit. Si no puede crear espacio, use un pedazo de cartón o una toalla doblada.

Almacén: el growkit está listo para crecer tan pronto como lo recibas. Si necesita esperar, el kit de cultivo puede ser almacenado en la nevera hasta un mes. Cualquier tiempo más puede comprometer los resultados del cultivo.

Información del producto
Cepa de silocibina: Ban Huan Thai
Dificultad de cultivo: Fácil
Fuerza: De moderada a potente
Tiempo de colonización: 12 - 14 días
Temperatura de colonización: 28º - 30º Celsius
Tiempo de fructificación: 14- 21 días
Temperatura de fructificación: 23º - 26º Celsius


Contenido del kit de cultivo de hongos mágicos:
- Sustrato de cultivo con 100% de micelio activo.
- Bolsa de cultivo de hongos con filtro, para crear un microclima
- Clip(s) para cerrar el saco de cultivo
No enviamos este producto a los siguientes paÍses:
Finland , Germany , Norway , Sweden , Switzerland , United Kingdom

Comentarios THAI - Kit de Cultivo de Setas Mágicas Comparte tu experiencia


First time grower, and I've been extremely happy with the growkit! I'm not sure it quite made it to the 400-600 g (40-60 dried) - probably 'only' 30g or so.. but it was extremely easy to use and it I'm currently on my 6th small flush with basically no effort at all.

And the trips have been wonderful - very happy, very visual (though only around 4 hours)


almost harvest total of 347 shrooms in one flush off one kit

okay so when i first ordered i really thought i would never see it, about 8 days after i placed my order it arived, i followed all the instructions and it is now a week later and i have over 200 pins starting so happy here on my end will deffently be coming back here for an other


very good shrooms, easy to grow big yield.... now put it for the second flush and in 4-5 days already have big shrooms

After two weeks pins appeared...then flush after of FIVE righteous flushes yielding a dried quarter ounce each time. VERY VISUAL, especially if the stems are intensionally bruised to where they're solid dark blue-blue/green. No echo, nor reverb, these "P.C.'s" don't have the audible effects those little wild "Pan's" have...ya know? Plenty of 'body-high' more than makes up for the audio.


Oh My God!
That's all I really can say. hundred of mushrooms for the first grow of my life. I started worried the same days, scared of getting them contamned...then I started dreaming about them..and everything just explosed in two days..they came from nowhere! It is incredible! they're big and healthy, they're marvellous!
Just be precaucious, about the temperature 19-28°c, and keeping the air inside the bag moist. And above all, love them, send them as much love as possible, they'll pay you back. Also, these things are so full of intelligence, don't under-estimate them, don't overdose ( I know, they won't and wan't kill you anyways).
Très bon champis, poussent comme de l'herbe si vous êtes suffisamment précautionneux.

Awesome. I ve made powder from totally dried shrooms. 1 gr = 3 hrs mild and fun. 3 gr = 6 hrs hard and fu, including astral cats and dragon vacuum cleaner with infinite hose. 20 minutes till dat crazy thing start to work. Gl hf


Took a while to get conditions right and probably didn't get as big a harvest as I hoped, but the trip certainly made up for it. Didn't expect much so I ate 3.5g dry to ensure it was effective. The next few hours were the most awesome shroom experience! I came up fast like a pill and soon my world was epic! I never realised how amazing my back garden is, try watching a film on these shrooms and the story is unimportant compared to what you see! Was gonna order more then but I couldn't operate the amazing magical pocket device that later was just my phone.

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