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Salvia Extract 15X

Las hojas de Salvia Divinorum tienen propiedades alucinógenas intensas. Tradicionalmente se consumen en rituales adivinatorios pero recientemente se han expandido su disponibilidad y consumo. Algunos de los efectos más comunes que podría inducir son: risa histérica incontrolable; pérdida del sentido de identidad, una sensación de estar en muchos lugares y tiempos simultáneamente; y sensaciones físicas extrañas.


1) Risa incontrolable e histérica.
2) Convertirse en un objeto (vela, silla, vegetal…).
3) Sobreponer realidades. Estar en varios lugares a la vez.
4) Pérdida del cuerpo o identidad.
5) Entrar en un mundo bidimensional.
6) Revisitar lugares del pasado.
7) Sensaciones físicas extrañas, ser arrastrado o retorcido.


Tradicionalmente, la Salvia es consumida masticando las hojas por largo tiempo y luego tragándolas, o bebiendo las como infusión. Ambos métodos no son muy apetitosos y necesitas consumir un gran número de hojas. Hoy en día, la forma más común de tomar Salvia es fumarla en un porro o pipa (de agua). Si no eres un fumador habitual, entonces la pipa de agua podría ser la mejor opción.
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some lightly changed state of mind and nice talk with the plant. no visuals of any kind.



I never meet a herb with such strong healing potential for psychosomatic issues. When I was a kid, doctors tried on me almost every drugs they had, without success, things got only worst. In case, you found (as I did), that cannabis can help you with asthma, eczema,.. To compare it with Salvia, it's like soft touch from mother and straight shot from father. So, my experience:

half-hour of deep breathing, relaxing and listening meditation music. One pull from a pipe. I felt the wave of energy moving from right to the left. When it reached my body, I felt as it went directly trough it. One small scratch on my arm, one small point of pain, on the exactly same place when I used to have an eczema when I was child. The wave (similar like fire on the wind) extended the feeling through whole body. I was in flames and unimaginable pain. Almost more than 30 years I didn't have such agony and despair. I was the kid in the pain again, not able to breathe. Even the magic mantra: "leave it, don't fight with it, let it grow and let it flow away" it looked as the mantra doesn't help, so strong it was.
It was only for few seconds and then I continued with the therapy and stayed breathing/relaxing for next 2 hours.

Long story short, in case you have similar issue, take care of proper setting. It could unblock huge psychosomatic pain and push it directly to your mind. Combination with body-therapy could increase the healing power of the herb. In my opinion the proper setting is much more important as the usage of herb itself. Second try of Salvia had almost no effect on me, only nice and ecstatic feeling of body.

I'm not a doctor and I'm not a healer. I'm not trying to generalize the healing power of Salvia, only I had a need to share my experience. Maybe someone would find it useful.

Thanks, take a care and enjoy the health :)

hey , beautiful product , received very fast , and a awesome feeling everytime , one of my friends thought he was riding a horse and was screaming " jump on your horses , come on , grab your swords , stop laughing you k&#ts" ... ive had alot of experience with 10 and 20 , id say great for beginners ... thanks shayana...

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