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Ayahuasca Jebero - Kit 5

La naturaleza de la Ayahuasca la diferencia de la mayoría de los alucinógenos. El contenido y la calidad de las visiones que induce llevan al usuario a un desbordante y desconocido escenario. Éstos las viven como reales y no como “alucunaciones” própiamente dichas, en el umbral de mundos perceptivos paralelos al nuestro.


Mezcla de inhibidorMAO como el Peganum Harmala o el Banisteriopsis Caapi, con plantas que contienen DMT como la Psychotria Viridis, Diplopterys Cabrerana y la Mimosa Hostilis. El DMT , que normalmente no es activo por vía oral, sí lo es en combnación con inhibidores MAO. De intensa capacidad visionaria y desarrollo espiritual, se usa desde antiguo por los chamanes del Perú con fines curativos y espirituales. A la Ayahuasca se le atribuyen poderes curativos para el cuerpo, el alma y el espíritu.


Ingredientes: Diplopterys cabrerena & Peganum Harmala.


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I have been trying out the Ayahuasca Tea. This is different, not the same as smoking pure DMT, but just at present Ayahuasca Tea is the only way I can access DMT in my country. My first experience was certainly huge, but it was not what I was told that it would be. No massive nausea or vomiting. No massive bowel movements. The Ayahuasca Tea was ingested in one long swig. It immediately went in. I was in no time at all laying on the floor so disorientated that I had to just continue laying on the floor. I began feeling very cold and was wishing that I had fore seen this obvious problem. However, the disorientation was so great that I could not move. I just continued to lay on the floor catching hypothermia. I eventually managed to crawl along the floor and into bed and under a duvet. My body temperature was now okay and I could ride out what remained of the trip. To be honest the trip was like a huge super high velocity digital data up load to the cosmos from my head ! I did not hear any hallucinations nor did I see any hallucinations. Perhaps I need to take a higher dose ? But Ayahuasca Tea is a trip that lasts two hours, not minutes and to be honest I am not eager to go there, but in due course of time I know that my curiosity will drive me into brewing up a XXX super stronger brew and will knock it down in one high concentrate swig. Taking all prior preparations of course. It is very important to plan ahead when doing anything with regard to DMT. It is not a party drug. In fact not a drug at all really. It is not addictive and does you no harm. So why is DMT classified as a drug at all, yet alone a CLASS A drug ? I am convinced that the best way to ingest DMT is via Ayahuasca Tea taken in digest able small amount, once every three hours, every day. This drip ingestion process will result in elevated level of DMT in your system through out the whole day. The effect of this is that when you sleep you will definitely have lucidity in your dreams. This is exactly what I am doing. I believe that Ayahuasca Tea if taken daily on a permanent basis can prevent many really serious psychological as well as physiological illnesses.


Ayahuasca is a very powerful drug. I like the kits that they offer here. I had heard so much about it. I just had to try. It seems to open your eyes. Open your mind.

Sometimes with Ayahuasca it's not about the fist time you take it, but the second time onwards. You become better at dealing with the trip. It's quite heavy. Hits you at your core........

Ayahuasca does not obey the rules of other 'drugs'.With most psychedelics there is an expected response from a certain dosage. Not so with Ayahuasca. Powerful entheogens like Ayahuasca have their own agenda. If ,like a previous reviewer , you get no effect, then you need to try again with an improved attitude both during the preparation stage and the drinking stage. Diplopterys cabrerana is for people with extensive experience of other Ayahuasca recipies, and is for serious shamanic work only.Disrespect of this plant will result in 'no effect', or worse you may find yorself in a hell-like realm that makes all other 'bad trips' seem like childsplay.


I used my the same recipe as i always have, but there where no effects. Other than an upset stomach. A big disapointment. I would not advise others to buy this product.

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