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Ayahuasca Nutabe - Kit 2

La naturaleza de la Ayahuasca la diferencia de la mayoría de los alucinógenos. El contenido y la calidad de las visiones que induce llevan al usuario a un desbordante y desconocido escenario. Éstos las viven como reales y no como “alucunaciones” própiamente dichas, en el umbral de mundos perceptivos paralelos al nuestro.


Mezcla de inhibidorMAO como el Peganum Harmala o el Banisteriopsis Caapi, con plantas que contienen DMT como la Psychotria Viridis, Diplopterys Cabrerana y la Mimosa Hostilis. El DMT , que normalmente no es activo por vía oral, sí lo es en combnación con inhibidores MAO. De intensa capacidad visionaria y desarrollo espiritual, se usa desde antiguo por los chamanes del Perú con fines curativos y espirituales. A la Ayahuasca se le atribuyen poderes curativos para el cuerpo, el alma y el espíritu.


Mimosa Hostilis en polvo y Banisteriopsis Caapi.


Su uso no está recomendado a menores de 18. Si estás embarazada, en periodo de lactancia, o tomando algún medicamento prescrito, consulta a tu médico. No excedas la dosis recomendada. Su consumo puede disminuir la habilidad para conducir u operar maquinaria pesada. No se recomienda su consumo junto con bebidas alcohólicas. No consumir junto con medicación antidepresiva. No usar si has padecido episodios psicóticos. Aviso sobre la Salud
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This is my 2nd psychedelic trip, and I tried the ayahuasca trip, fortunately just with 4g mimosa.. When I drank the vine and then 30 mins after the DMT, I was completely gone.. I just want to warn everyone before jumping into this. Respect it, don't fight it in any way. Nobody is strong enough to fight against it, and if you try, you'll just make it worse and worse. You'll be gone so far in another planet, that you would wish you never did this. Respect it and love it. Learn from the things you see in those realms. There might be a female presence, guiding you through the maze. Love her, and respect her. Listen to whatever she has to say, she knows you better than yourself. Most importantly, don't take this stuff lightly, it's uncompareable to anything we have in our planet. Whether it's six flags ' King da ka' rollercoaster, or something else, it can't be compared to anything in our world. It's far greater and much more scary than anything that exists. It will take you very far away. The only way to come back safely, is by listening to the soul of the vine, and think of good things. Set and setting are very important factors, if you want a comfortable trip. Have fun, AND SPREAD THE MESSAGE! love <3


I could see that my life was at a peak, I was happy and fulfilled and surrounded by more loving friends than ever before. I even saw my business (a walk-in DTP studio) with great affection, with all those people working on their separate but noble projects. I was making an assessment of my life, and I received affirmation. After five or six hours the effect waned and I saw the funny side of everything. We both laughed freely and discussed our experiences. I thought it was quite different to the Acid experiences of the past, but Ulla thought the different experience may simply be due to us now being mature.

Though we agreed that we had other favourite drugs, this was, as Ulla put it, a celebration. Next day my tiredness reflected lost sleep, but no worse, and I felt strengthened in the knowledge that I was on the right road.

GREAT FUCKING STUFF, adviseable for anybody who's willing to play with fire :D
was gone within 15 minutes and the shipping was superb

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