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Cacao Complex

Cacao Complex
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Chocolate contains coco, which contains stimulants known as phenylethylamine which have an anti-depressant and amphetamine-like effect; they contain pharmacological substances such as n-acetylethanolamines that are related to cannabis (marijuana), and they have compounds that stimulate the brain to release an opiate-like substance called anandamide.
Chocolate does however contain other, les desirable ingredient such as added sugar, corn syrup, milk fats dairy cream, hydrogenated oils, so that the cocoa content may be less than 20%,Caoco Complex gives you all the benefits of chocolate and non of the drawbacks so all the bets regarding chocolate being a healthy food are off.
Cacao complex es una fórmula que levanta el ánimo y proporciona energía, un suplemento dietético ideal. Energía y ánimo sin las calorías del chocolate normal.


de 1 a 2 cápsulas unas tres veces al día. Tomarlas con el estómago vacío y abundante agua.



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