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Slim & Trim New Formula

Slim & Trim New Formula
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This weight-loss sensation with a revolutionary formula! This power mix of three types of caffeine and increases the amino acids Tyrosine makes Slim & Trim one of the most effective fat burners ever.

Slim & Trim EF-3X is the weight-loss supplement of the new millennium, which also releases energy from fat reserves of the body. The strong acting Tri-Xanthine™ contains three different active ingredients, which work together with the active Tyrosine, Cayenne and ginger extract, which help the energy production of the body.

The result is a strong and higher energy usage. Extra calories will be burned, while the quantity of calories consumed is reduced; the basis of responsible weight-loss.

Contains: Tri-Xanthine, Cayenne, L-Tyrosine, Chromium


3 times a day 1 capsule half hour before meals. Take them with a glass of water



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