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Dutch Manali Original

Inspirado en la cultura Manali, en las sombras de las montañas del Himalaya. Esta mezcla de incienso te lleva a nuevas alturas. Si estás buscando una fumada sólida de alguna mezcla de alta calidad, deberías de escoger esta mezcla de incienso.
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Norway , Sweden , Switzerland , United Kingdom

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Shayana:Great Customer Service
I really like this product. Some people say that it goes bad after a few days and it loses power. That's not true. That's tolerance. Your body gets used to it and feels less powerful. Stop using it for a week and then start using it again and you'll see how the product keeps its qualities.
To avoid this I would recommend that you have 3 or 4 types of different incense so you could avoid tolerance a little bit longer.
About the product I don't want to tell you how good it is 'cause I'm afraid everyone's gonna buy it and I'm gonna be left with none. :-)

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