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Protium Blend

Todo lo que necesitas son 2 min. para empezar a ver los efectos de este increíble producto de limpieza de bong. Este es para el consumidor muy experimentado que disfruta de una combinación de Hafnium y Osmium para alcanzar lo mejor de ambos mundos. Verás los efectos de la limpieza entre los 45 min. - 2 h. permitiéndote experimentar el apurón inicial de limpieza eufórica, seguido rápidamente de un acabado psicodélico para el limpiador del bong. Es un producto fuerte para una limpieza de bong muy intensa.


Viaje ligero
Viaje medio
Gran Viaje
20-40 mg
40-80 mg
80-120 mg


1-2 horas


No apto para consumo humano.
Puede ser adictivo favor usar con moderación.

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Smells very sweet, color is a mix of bright & pale green.

Can be very strong & effective for a couple hours.

tiny/small leaf like herb.

Has more of a calming effect compared to other herbs or scents.


The Protium smoke blend is simply "quality"

It's quite amazing really, I would rank it a solid 4 out of 5.

Giving it a range of 3-5 out of 5, it is amazing after work, take a nice shower, & a couple rips of protium blend & you feel a head rush & lots of relaxation, then just relax in the shower WOW!

The effects last a long time too, could be 1-5 hours. Stay healthy my friends.

The effect that says is really what you get. You wont get the "stoned" high, but you do get the "high", the effect is alright and as many others have mentioned here alrady, sex may be good afterwards cos these incence will definetly get you horny!!


The effect that says is really what you get. You wont get the "stoned" high, but you do get the "middle high to high", the effect is alright and you wont need much at all!!!! Small pinch and youll get high. How ever it took me a few days to smoke the 2 g, and the last days the hash got dry so it didnt give the same effect and it wasnt as good,

this is my favourite so far. nice and head oriented... not head ache like some leal alternatives. measure it carefully.... Barium next, some good reviews there, sounds sativa like.


use carefully! needed 10mins to reach peak which stays for ~90mins

What a clean indeed cleaning..extremely powerful..with a touch of a psychedelismus without a the visuals (?) Just put music on..

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