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Sence - Sencation

No parece canabis!
No sabe a canabis!
No huele a canabis!

Pero te da la misma subida que el canabis.

Esta és la más reciente mezcla legal de alta calidad.

Es el mejor sucedáneo de canabis a tu alcance, y un medio garantizado para abrir tu mente.

Sence- és una mezcla para fumar, compuesta de extractos y plantas, entre ellos Kanna, Escutelaria y Loto Azul, que te dará una agradable y relajante subida, equivalente al canabis suave.


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Con sence sencation fue con el que senti el colocon mas fuerte hace unos tres años.Pero un poco caro para ser tres gramos.


I smiled.
I smiled the biggest smile of my life.
Looking at myself smiling back at myself, I felt like a little infant just smiling for the sheer joy of being. The more I smiled, the happier I felt. And the happier I felt, the more I wanted to smile.
This was a huge turning point for me, as I had forgotten what it was like to be really, really happy and relaxed, and I had become resigned to spending the rest of my life in some low emotional flatland. Now I realised just how depressed I had been. I also realised that whenever I indulged in alcohol or chocolate, this innocently joyous state was the state I was really seeking to be in.

Best sensation ever!
I am weed smoker, a friend told me to be taste it after 2 days without smoking, so I did, and had the best experience of my life (extreme euphoria and happiness).
A relatively small amount compared with the weed is significantly much much better.
I did not believe in these naturalists things, but this was great, thanks Shayana!! :)


stronger than marihuana, incredible, more psycoactive, not allucinogenic but near, clear, pure, not intoxication

bastante bueno,aunke algo caro ,con la relacción peso X precio
pero si ke dá bastante buen rollo y pelotazo!!!!jeje

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