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Dutch Orange Intense

Otra gran mezcla de la serie Dutch Orange con un impacto nuevo e intenso. Gracias a una concentración más alta de los ingredientes principales te pondrás muy contento con esta nueva mezcla para fumar. Con las mismas características que el Dutch Orange Intense Herbal Incense, esta mezcla te dará un efecto más fuerte y más duradero. Una gran adquisición de una marca de calidad en mezclas para fumar.

AVISO: ¡Cuidado con cualquier imitador y no te conformes con menos que el único Dutch Orange original, disponible sólo en Shayana Shop!
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Great product! Ordered 3 of them the next time. It was the solid hash variant that arrived though, which is not for me. Get the loose blend, I implore ye


Now this is more like it. Had run out of the T-Stick so went for this instead. Is it better? I don't know. Is it good? Hell, yes! A good way to spend the evening with a pen and paper/ solve the universe/ stuff that'll make you laugh your ass off every time you're-read just what you've just done. Hilarious


'Intense' is the right word to qualify this fucking shit ! First time I smoked it I didn't care about the amount I put in my spliff ... But believe me , I should have care ! I laid on my bed during an hour laughing for nothing and a goofy look on my face , stuck there like a beached whale lol ... I'm more warry now but despite the price , it's a reall good stuff (not cut with crap) and you can go for it !


Greaat stuff Really really liked it.
Will order this blend again asap