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Dutch Orange - Flores

El sabor más psicodélico, esta mezcla especial de poder floral le hará cosquillas a sus sentidos y estimulará su mente a nuevas alturas.


En dosis más ligeras, se sabe que los efectos son edificantes, energéticos, cerebrales y más adecuados para el uso diurno. En dosis más fuertes, los efectos son conocidos por ser relajantes y calmantes, y más adecuados para la noche.


Los efectos se experimentan mejor cuando se está de buen humor y en un ambiente cómodo.


Empieza con una dosis ligera (0,02gr - 0,04gr), especialmente con la primera experiencia. Como los efectos pueden variar de persona a persona, la dosis puede ser ligeramente incrementada de acuerdo a sus deseos posteriores. Es muy recomendable no exceder nunca la cantidad de 0.20gr en una dosis.


La Dutch Orange contiene una receta especial de hierbas naturales y cannabinoides. Los cannabinoides son los ingredientes activos que se encuentran de forma natural en la planta Cannabis Sativa.


No apto para consumo humano.Por favor, evite mezclar sustancias ya que puede tener un efecto negativo o posiblemente dañino en su experiencia. Su uso no está recomendado a menores de 18. Si estás embarazada, en periodo de lactancia, o tomando algún medicamento prescrito, consulta a tu médico. No excedas la dosis recomendada. Su consumo puede disminuir la habilidad para conducir u operar maquinaria pesada. No se recomienda su consumo junto con bebidas alcohólicas. No consumir junto con medicación antidepresiva. No usar si has padecido episodios psicóticos. Aviso sobre la Salud
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Comentarios Dutch Orange - FLORES Comparte tu experiencia


As an herb enthusiast I must say that this was some nice smoke. It doesn't last as long as ganja (it lasts around one hour) but it gives a very nice pretty potent psychedelic high. Dosage around 0,25-0,30 grams for still functional high, never start with too much :P When I got the package I noticed it looked like only some roughly grinded lotus blossoms and I was rather skeptic with my three grams but boy did I got proven wrong when we smoked with a friend. I give this thumbs up. Go to a forest, listen music through headphones and feel the magic.


I smoked very small amout of this blend with my wonderful Grace Glass ice breaker percolator bong (purchased on this site, as well!) and it has been wonderful!
With only two hits of bong I felt the effects starting from my stomach and propagating in all the body till the head with a blissful sensation of fizzy lightness.
Also, when I laied down on bed and closed my eyes I had more vivid thoughts, because I guess this blend has some kind of psychedelic effects.
High was short, lasted only 1 hour (with another hour of afterglow!), but who says it is negative in this hurried life?!
No excuses...You must try...and then tell me!

Third time I order Flowers, the first two times were nearly one year ago and it was already a great product. This time I got a new version, with big dried flowers and petals, and I gotta say it is quite nice. You have to grind it, but I'm sure it's not a problem for anyone reading these words.

The effects are strong, and nice, they depend on how much you use, a light joint will give you energy and focus, a stronger one will get you in a deep stoned state perfect for watching stuff and relax

Love it !


Wow... Taste very mild and nice. It may be really great stuff, but seems that one toke would bave been enough. Base is normal dosage of phenibut, and had a glass of wine and a beer. After 4 tokes and a few minutes it became somewhat overwhelming, and I tried to vape some strong Kanna. But that did not cool things down. Now the Earths was moving in strage ways of gravity. Could hardly stand up. But somehow I believe whatever happens with pschedelics, it is a healing process. But I had no faith in this when it was on. So take it easy, start out small ;)

These herbs were great. Gave a real buzz just like I doobie would, just minus the harshness, and doesn't smell as potent. Just like a casual happy smoke you could smoke anytime. Doesn't last as long as ganja, but that is actually cool, as you don't feel so lame and stuffed for the rest of the day. You don't have the feeling you could eat a double Whopper either, no munchies, which is also better. Will buy it again!

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