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Abscent Bag - The Pocket Protector

Abscent Bag - The Pocket Protector
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Abscent_Pocket_Protector_b.jpg Abscent Bag - The Pocket Protector
The Abscent Collection offers only the best in odor absorbing bags!

Abscent bags offer layers of protection that effectively absorb the strongest smells. Each bag is meticulously constructed in order to lock in odors using unique technology that optimizes smell proof security. Abscent bags are lined with proprietary carbon liner, specialty zippers and odor eating flaps to fight against the toughest funk. These are the absolute top smell proof bags on the market.

- Reusable odor-absorbing pocket pouch
- Double velcro seal
- Odor absorbing flap
- Water resistant exterior
- Proprietary carbon liner designed to absorb odor

11.5cm × 14cm (4.5" × 5.5")

How To Use Abscent Bags:
Place any odor emitting substance into a plastic bag BEFORE inserting inside the Abscent Bag. Make sure the plastic bag (ex. Ziploc bag) is secure and place it into the Abscent Bag. Use the heavy-duty zipper to lock in any odor that was not absorbed by the liner. Finally seal the bag and zipper with the industrial strength velcro to ensure complete freshness.

PLEASE NOTE: Only the inside of an abscent bag is designed to absorb odor. If an odor emitting substance gets on the outside of your abscent bag, we recommend gently cleaning with rubbing alcohol. Abscent bags and the liners are not suitable for machine/water washing/cleaning!

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