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Báscula Digital Boston - 0.1G

Consigue precisión y asequibilidad con esta báscula digital de bolsillo. Entra fácilmente en tu bolsillo o bolso y viene con una tapa protectora que se desdobla en bandeja. Esta báscula es la adecuada para pesar entre 0.1g - 600g. Funciona con 2 pilas AAA y tiene una pantalla LCD retroiluminada para facilitar la lectura.

Tamaño: 9cm x 6cm
Rango: 0.1g – 600g
Unidades: g, oz, gn, ct
Color: Negra

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cheap and nice :) 30 year warranty. mine did not need calibration straigth from the box. it is 9 cm * 6 cm . it also uses 2 aaa batteries. it is a very robust scale and i think it will last for many years. thank you Shayanashop thumbs up :)


When I bought first shrooms, I had to buy something with, because it didnt pass the buy limit, soo I decided to add this scale. It is pocket small and very precise, you wont regret buying this!!! ;)


Product works well. Shipping wasn't too long of a wait. So far, I'm really digging this store! Two thumbs up!