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MDNX is a new natural formula which brings you a full stream of energy and makes you unstoppable! You will party like never before.

Enjoy the sensations of this lime-flavoured tablets, and party all night long!

1 tablet with water 45 minutes before the desired effect. Maximum dosage: 1 MDNX tablet per period of 24 hours.

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Received them this morning along with some truffles. Last time I ordered it took 5 working days, this time 8. I'm from Ireland. Won't be taking them right away but I will be back to inform you how it went. Anyways there not green but a light brown which makes sense as the main ingredient guarana extract is this color. Anyways thank you shayana one again. A trustworthy service I will definitely use again.


So im back. I decided to take one. Within a hour I had a ton of energy. Not really a buzz but I couldnt sit down. So I decide to smoke a joint containing about .5g and boom! obviously I was stoned but ive smoked this weed a week now and its couchy stuff. So id say it a woulda be a good pick me up on a night out or for shaggin the woman. But be ready when you mix.

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