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Others promised on a new stimulant, we delivered! You wanted something that not just "replaced" ephedrine, but is actually MORE potent at burning fat and getting you amped! With two new stimulants that will get you totally JACKED and shred you like nothing else on the market, we dare you to try SPEED just once. Take one dose of SPEED and you will be hooked. This potent stimulant combo will jack you through the stratosphere and make your workouts absolutely insane. One of the ingredients is even proven to increase contractile strength (lifts) and boost your energy through the roof. Only LegalGear can destroy everything else on the market and get you totally shredded.


Let's look at the ingredients up close and personal, as they say. The big one is Cytisine, and it could be the most important fat burning find of the decade. As mentioned in a recent article in Muscular Development, nicotine is the most potent fat burner on the planet. Cytisine stimulates the same receptor as Nicotine, but isn't addictive at all. In fact it is used in Europe to cure smoking. It has all the fat busting power of nicotine, without the side effects. Cytisine has to potential to get you completely jacked and burn fat like nothing else on the planet. When combined with things like Synphrine and Caffeine, Cytisine becomes a fat incinerator like nothing else on the market. Since it is patent pending, you will only find Cytisine in products from LegalGear. Caffeine and Synephrine are staples in the war against fat. These two powerful fat burners have an additive effect when combined with Cytisine and will help get you further jacked. Theobromine is an extract of Chocolate that has been shown to increase mood and elevate thermogenic fat burning. L-Tyrosine is a well known neural stimulator that can also help burn fat by increasing the power of caffeine and synephrine. We have included a healthy dose of L-Tyrosine to get you focused and jack your energy through the roof. Hordinine is used to boost the effects of the other stimulants and increase blood flow to the brain. This ingredient is key in quadrupling the effect of the other stimulants in SPEED. Combined, these ingredients give you the most powerful stimulant/fat burner on the market today!


Take 1 to 3 capsules up to three times a day. Do not exceed 9 capsules in a 24 hour period. Keep out of reach of children.


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