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In keeping with our absolute and uncompromising commitment to quality and integrity, Nutrabolics is pleased to introduce it's new maximum strength body fat metabolizer - CLENbutical. Painstakingly researched and scientifically formulated, CLENbutical promises to bring your physique to new levels of muscular definition and detail. CLENbutical utilizes a potent 400mg extract of the multi-functional White Kidney Bean Extract weight loss agent. White Kidney Bean Extract blocks the absorption of the starchy foods you eat, such as bread, pasta, rice, and grains, and also blocks the action of an enzyme called alpha amalyase. This is the enzyme that breaks down starchy foods into glucose molecules so they can be absorbed, and if the enzyme is being blocked, that means then that the undigested starch will pass into your colon and you will not absorb the calories from that food. By eliminating a percentage of starchy calories metabolized into blood sugar, your body will store less as fat and consequently burn more of the fat stores you already have accumulated. This is what makes White Kidney Bean extract such a valuable part of the CLENbutical formula, in that it not only acts as a carbohydrate blocker, but also as an extremely potent fat burner.


Suggested Use: As an herbal supplement cycle as follows: For the first 25 days, take 2 capsules before breakfast and 2 more capsules at mid-afternoon, with food. After 25 days, take 1 week off with no supplementation prior to starting a new cycle. Or as directed by a doctor.


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