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Joy Pack

Rejoice! Now you can get every best selling Alegria product at a special price! The array of colors is not the only difference in the Alegria series of products. Each has its own special effect and guarantees a unique experience.

The new and innovative liquid packaging sets the Alegria products apart from the competition. This Joy pack will allow you to test each one individually to see which joyful experience best suits your needs. This pack includes Alegria Rojo, Alegria Purpura, Alegria Naranja, Alegria Amarillo & Alegria Azul.

Please Note: If one of the items is not available at the time of packing, we will double one of the other items of the pack.


Alegria PurpuraAlegria NaranjaAlegria AmarilloAlegria AzulAlegria Rojo


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LOVE IT!! 4+ hours of PURE FUN :)


I gathered 4 of my best friends to try each of the Joy Pack Alegrias at the same time. I was already a fan of the Purpura (fx just like MD) and this time I tried the Azul (Blue)...we all started feeling warm and oozy within 20-30 min of taking it (mixed with beer or coca cola to avoid the sharp taste). Blue is more speedy than Purple. More like Xtc to me, but I was able to enjoy it since everyone else was enjoying the vibe as well :) Great stuff Shayana...we'll be doing it again soon for sure!! :D

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