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R™ is the name of Syntrax's perfect alpha-lipoic acid

supplement. While other companies in the industry use

the cheaper RS form of alpha-lipoic acid, Syntrax has

pushed the envelope to its extreme by releasing the R™

form of alpha-lipoic acid. R™ alpha-lipoic acid is the

only totally natural form and demonstrates all of the

beneficial properties of alpha-lipoic acid.

Unfortunately, the RS form of alpha-lipoic acid is

cheaper but it contains the non-natural form that has

been shown in research studies to elicit some very

serious negative consequences on insulin

R-alpha lipoic acid is not only one of the very best

and most universal antioxidants but it also is the

perfect dietary supplement for improving insulin

response/sensitivity and blood sugar control. Research

studies have shown that the cheaper RS form of

alpha-lipoic acid does not deliver the full beneficial

effects of R form. If you are looking to fully control

the destructive effects of glycation as well as obtain

the anabolic and ergogenic effects of improved insulin

response/sensitivity, then demand the R™ form of

alpha-lipoic acid. With R™, you will notice almost

immediately an improved sense of well-being.

Furthermore, if you're an athlete of any type, you will

notice a leaner, more fit body, fuller muscles and

greater strength and performance. Demand the best;

demand R™.

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