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Otro método trippy para limpiar el bong, dedicado a los entusiastas de BongBastic. Este producto sacará los mejores colores psicodélicos de tu bong. Mientras que tú estás aún totalmente en control de tu experiencia limpiando, tendrás oleadas de placer al ver tu bong cada vez más limpio y esto relajará tu cuerpo y mente dejándote sedado y en paz. Te tomarás algo de tiempo para empezar a ver los efectos de este producto de limpieza de bong, aproximadamente 1-2h. Pero luego disfrutarás de tu experiencia entre 4 y 8 h.


Ingrediente Activo 2C-C (30mg)


No apto para consumo humano.
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Only took half . Mildy sedating whilst bein intense very weird but doesnt change your head space but gives great visuals . Thisis strong and should not be taken lightly..................................................................................................


This stuff is legit ! Super duper trippy - but with a manageable headspace... I love this. I only did one, I am glad I didn't do two. Ridiculously good!

Gives a somewhat mild experience good for social outings and creative thought. One pill proved to be an ideal "museum dose" for an otherwise ordinary day. Subject was able to maintain productive mindset. Body high is quite pleasant with no nausea reported. This compound would be good for a first timer. Combined with Nootrosmart product (paracetam/choline) one can expect a notable increase in perception, creativity, and overall lucidity of the experience. Highly recommended.


Had a great time on this, incredible auditory and visual effects with a very peacefull mind. Didnt expect it to be this nice with only 1 pill, or maybe it was because i had a little dose of lsd a few hours before.. Recommended!

not as strong as the trip to Hawaii, chilling, yep... took one one night, then the other on another evening. Found it very mild, maybe take more than one or take it with one of it's brothers or sisters.

I'd say for a situation that would be nice stoned, this would suit as well. Very manageable, maybe too manageable... but, each to their own.


I love this one. Only took it by nose. It's true it hurts, thats why I use only one side and leave the other side for breathing;-) The stuff gets you totally fucked up for about 2 hours. I used about 1/4 to 1/3 of a pill. But beware, it has 2 terrible sideeffects. I makes you horny like hell and once you come back from your trip the munchies are overwhelming. So if you r on a diet better don't use it. Super great visions I didn't experience, but it's great anyway and fits very well to my lifestyle which doesn't allow me to be wasted all day.

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