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Whey Pro Xl
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Whey protein powders have changed forever, and Whey Pro XL™ is the reason why! Whey Pro XL™ is the only Whey Protein Blend (Concentrate and Isolate) of its kind enhanced with some of the world's most advanced nutrient compounds, making it an exciting breakthrough in Whey Protein Supplementation! New Whey Pro XL™ is the only Whey Protein supplement on the market to feature a key insulin and sugar controlling compound plus an advanced nutrient absorption and assimilation matrix for faster and better results! New Whey Pro XL™ is a must for the active individual and elite athlete seeking to accelerate their gains!


Whey Pro XL™ features Banaba Leaf Extract whose active ingredient is Corosolic Acid; a compound which plays a key role in regulating blood sugar and insulin levels. Unstable sugar and insulin levels are related to hunger and food cravings especially for processed carbohydrates such as bread and sweets, which can bring fat burning to a screeching halt.. Additionally, the insulin regulating properties of Banaba have been clinically proven to create an optimal environment for muscle growth by encouraging the shuttling of amino acids into your system. Finally, this great tasting and easy to mix formula is low in fat and is lactose reduced, making it even more desirable for weight loss and lean muscle gains. Designed for Faster and Better results over traditional Whey Protein Whey Pro XL™ features InterACTIVE Nutriton's Maximum Results Matrix™, a technologically advanced nutrient absorption and assimilation matrix. These cutting-edge compounds work synergistically to ensure that your body is primed to take maximum advantage of every serving of Whey Pro XL™! Inulin - This low-calorie soluble dietary fibre is a Pre-Biotic well known for its positive influence on digestive health. A healthy digestive system is necessary for your body to assimilate the nutrients it needs for optimal muscle building and physical performance! Aminozyme™ - This plant enzyme blend is considered to be the most advanced protein and nutrient digestive complex available. Aminozyme™ ensures that every serving of protein from Whey Pro XL™ is effectively absorbed! BIOPERINE® - A patented nutrient transporting Black Pepper Extract shown to increase bioavailability of various nutrients through increased absorption rates of between 30-60%.


Ingredients Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate), Maltodextrin, Banaba Leaf Extract (Corosolic Acid), Chicory Root Extract (Inulin), Guar Gum, Enzyme Blend (Protease I, Protease II, Lactase, Amylase), Piperine Extract, Sucralose, Stevia Leaf, Natural and Artificial Flavours. Suggested Use: Mix 1 scoop (35g) of InterACTIVE Whey Pro XL™ with 250ml of milk, water or juice. Add more or less liquid to reach desired taste. May be consumed 1 to 3 times daily. Whey Pro XL™ makes a great tasting High Protein Low Carbohydrate Meal Replacement (2 scoops = 48 grams of protein and only 9.4 grams of carbohydrates). Simply, mix two scoops in 500ml of milk, water or juice, stir and enjoy. As a protein supplement, simply add one scoop to 250ml of milk, water or juice mix with a spoon and enjoy the delicious creamy taste! Research shows that Active Men and Women should aim to consume 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. Therefore, be sure to supplement your daily protein intake with the necessary servings of Whey Pro XL™ to help meet your total daily protein intake. Each one scoop servings of Whey Pro XL™ contains 24 grams of protein.

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