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Woman Fitness Pak

Woman Fitness Pak
Pedido Especial

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You’re not a professional athlete. You don’t compete at the elite level. Still, you want to be in the best shape of your life and the word “muscle” doesn’t strike fear in your heart. For you, carrying muscle on your frame doesn’t mean being masculine. You like lean mass. It gives you fabulous tone and definition. It makes you a complete athlete. Women’s Fitness Pak has been made especially for you. It’s perfect for serious, dedicated female athletes who expect nothing but the best from their bodies and their gear. Women’s Fitness Pak is complete nutrition. It contains optimized levels of vitamins and minerals that the training athlete needs to help prevent nutritional gaps from forming–gaps which could seriously impair performance. Women’s Fitness Pak also contains a unique blend of natural energizers. Best of all, it comes with a unique 22/8 packet system: 22 regular packets, and 8 special packets for meeting your special needs during your period.


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