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Mellow - Chilled, Relaxing, Cannabinoid, Mellow
3 grams
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3 x 3 grams
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3 x 3 grams + Waikiki Lightbase Glass Bong
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6 x 3 grams
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BongBastic_Deuterium_Blend_01.jpg Deuterium Waikiki_LightBase_Glass_Bong.jpg Deuterium
La mezcla de Deuterium libera una fragancia energizante a la vez que relajante. La fragancia de Deuterium es muy fuerte y puede durar más de 90 minutos antes de empezar a desvanecerse. El olor nubla la cabeza y provoca muchas risitas, pero al mismo tiempo te apetecerá bailar.

Las pastillas de Deuterium están formuladas para limpiar cualquier bong, pipa y bol de incienso con una sonrisa. A la vez, el Deuterium bailará a través del bong e incluso juergas de fuertes fumadas en grupo no pueden ensuciar el bong durante al menos 90 minutos.


Las mezclas de BongBastic son 5 veces más eficientes que K2, 3 veces más eficientes que Sence o la Dutch Orange Mix e incluso ¡2 veces más eficientes que Spice Diamond!


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This stuff is like 3 times stronger than the strongest Sencation trip I've had! This shit is VERY potent! It tares you apart in all directions and is kinda rough, but I like it :D
Very obvious auditory changes, visuals and a head high. Very trippy feeling.

Now THIS is my new favourite blend :D


this is the greatest stuff i've ever bought. it's very strong and going for hours in a good mood. i could finish one package in two months even i take it every day, love it!! i'll order again and again (:


This one ist really extremely strong. comes up to top after 10 minutes and lasts for many many hours, 8 hours on the same level at my first try, when i took 3 or even 5 times too much. use it with care! start with a very tiny amount and increase step by step!


sorry shayana but i must to say, Im talking by the experience, i was smoking this thing for 4 months, almos every day. TO EVERYBODY, IS a very high risk to get addiction, i know is sounds wierd but it is. I was a stupid guy thinking this legal guys is a good sustitutive for the ilegal one. but is not, i just put my trust on shayana, but this is abig shit guys. you can read on internet how to stop legal weed, you will see. Im just saying, one thursday didnt came my order, i was waiting for, i have some weed at home but i like the high, anyaway. the order didnt come till next tuesday. at 7 in the morning when i wope up i feel strange, cold sweat, anxiety... after a few hours in job. I left with panic attacs and hype anxiety. everything was like a bad dream, this was increase for 4 days, i was in the psiquiatric only mention. You know people, dont smoke that shit, a very heavy smoker more than 18 years in weed, but this legal hihghs are shit guys so dangerous. They are legal but not mean safe.


Some one gave me some of this awhile back and I never bothered to use it, as i always had some of my own stuff with me. One day I was dry and thought.....ok ill have some of that Deuterium Blend. Man, was i wrong!!! Its supper strong! I couldn't even finish the J.

Its a good high, messes with your head in a good way and allows you to still want to move about and do thing! Perfect really!